Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are Labradors the right dog for you?

Labrador Retrievers may be the dog for you if you DON’T mind:
Cheerful bouncy large dogs that tend to have an enthusiastic attitude towards life. Thrives on exercise and activities that cater to their athletic abilities. A tail wagging steady temperament and dependable demeanor towards humans and other animals. An eager to please very responsive attitude that makes training easier then some other breeds.

Labrador Retrievers may not be the dog for you if you DO mind:
An average shedding dog that has needs to be exercised. Some are prone to rowdiness and jumping.  The traits show up mostly in puppies or dogs that aren’t exercised regularly. Also these dogs have a fascination for putting anything in their mouths. Chewing can be  a problem even after puppy hood.

Three things that you can do to help avoid or minimize negative traits:
Choose carefully the right puppy that fits your lifestyle.
Raise and train properly
Go with an older dog versus a puppy

Some things to consider:
Young Labs have a high energy level. This includes their desire to romp around and jump. This could pose an issue if one is not careful. If they’re around elderly or children you may consider adopting an older Lab. Many adult dogs (of any breed) have wonderful temperaments. Unlike puppies which are literally a work in progress generally with an older dog what you see is what you get. Adult Labs are generally more calm natured and can better fit various lifestyles.

You’ll also want to make sure you can provide a Lab with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. There’s a saying a tired dog is a good dog. This is especially true in breeds like the Labrador. These dogs were originally bred to be hunting dogs so they are quite athletic and smart. They need venues where they can release their pent up energy. Like many dogs if a Lab is not properly stimulated they can become bored. Bored dogs often become high strung and even destructive.

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