Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training trick

Our dog Jenna is three years old. For the most part she behaves well. Training her in just about every area was painless for the most part. She’s a very smart dog that picks up on what is expected of her quite quickly. Although we as her parents obviously know that she’s a sensitive soul others have seen this trait in her and have pointed it out. Overall she’s a wonderful loving dog. 

However, with that said there is still one major issue she has not been broken from completely. This can be an issue among Labs. During some research I came across an interesting training concept. I plan to work on this with her. She has been a quick learner with all the other thing that I’ve taken time to teach her.  Hopefully with some luck this too will be easy.

Be sure you’re a firm pack leader. Create an invisible line on floor between the door and the dog. They are not to pass that designated boundary. When you open the door the dog must stay right where they are. Tell your guest to ignore the dog. If your dog does break the rules and jump give them a relaxed but firm correction. Afterwards don’t pay attention to the dog. Labs being the smart quick learners that they are this shouldn’t take long to learn they aren’t too jump on humans.

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